Energy from the sun

Photovoltaic Power Plants from SOLARTEC

We offer not only the project preparation of a solar power plant for a house, cottage, commercial building or free area, but also a complete turn-key implementation. In addition to implementations, we operate retail and wholesale of solar panels and all components for the construction of photovoltaic power plants. Not only for professionals but also for private individuals. For implementations, we also offer preparation of electrical energy storage including a building management system (BMS) for optimal use of the generated energy. Our other activities include the development of our own projects. We not only design and install solar power plants but also provide services in the field of power plant operation. This involves service, 365-day monitoring, and professional diagnostics. In some countries, we also provide accurate production forecasts (as required by legislation). Quality support for these services is provided by our independent laboratory.If necessary, we can carry out a tailor-made repair of solar panels. Currently, we offer services and operate solar power plants of our clients not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Poland, and Ukraine. Our goal is primarily to offer optimal solutions and a long-term guarantee of the quality of products and services. We prepare all orders in such a way as to bring customers the maximum benefits offered by photovoltaic power plants.

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