In our laboratory, we deal with complex analysis and repair of photovoltaic modules based on a 20-year experience with production line operation. Analysis in the laboratory includes quantitative and qualitative measurements,based on which it is possible to measure the power parameters of photovoltaic modules, detect possible defects and determine the causes of the occurrence of these defects. Known problems include, for example, PID, corrosion, delamination, snail trails, local short circuits, and others. For stress tests we have our own climate chamber to simulate both temperature and humidity.

Diagnostic Laboratory

  • measurement of volt-ampere characteristics
  • visual inspection
  • insulation test
  • electroluminescence analysis
  • thermal imaging analysis
  • temperature cycling test


Repair of PV Panels

  • bypass diodes replacement
  • junction box replacement
  • repair of strings in the PV module
  • replacement of solar cells
  • other defects


Technical Due Diligence

  • technical audit of the PVPP
  • detection of the current status
  • detection of unknown defects
  • identification of possible risks
  • evaluation of the operation
  • problem-solving proposition


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