Energy Accumulation

It may happen that by using the PV system you produce more energy than you actually consume. Due to the accumulation, you can use the saved energy when the PVPP is not producing or have a backup in case of a power blackout.

  • Accumulator batteries – storage of excess energy for solar parks, commercial and residential installations with capacities of units of kWh up to MWh, which can also serve for grid regulation or consistent supply of electricity to the distribution network.
  • Heat production (water heating) – photovoltaic heating of water to store excess energy in an electric boiler.

We are co-founders of the Association for Accumulation of energy..

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    Why cooperate with us

    • storage of excess energy from a solar power plant that is not immediately consumed
    • energy surpluses are not supplied free of charge to the distribution network
    • use of energy at a time when photovoltaics does not produce enough to cover electricity consumption
    • partial backup source in the event of a breakdown or power outage from the power grid e.g. blackout
    • increasing independence from distribution companies
    • the possibility of charging electric cars at night with electricity from a renewable energy source
    • financial savings in the future increase in electricity prices
    • electricity can be stored in almost any quantity
    • accumulation can also be used to convert electrical energy into thermal energy in a storage tank of hot water

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